Belles at Ted’s Cottage 2014


GoT is Back!

After a pretty sad season of TV this year, I could not be more excited for Game of Thrones to return tonight. So, I called up the Belles to see if they wanted to have a little premiere party and, no surprise, they were definitely in!

Because I can rarely attend a party without busting out some printables, I found these colourful house banners (above) and strung them together, then we threw them up over the TV so we could view in style.  Also on the menu, some Lannister Gold, created with leftover labels from our Season 3 shindig.

And, because I loved the banner so much, I strung it up in our front hall when the show was done. As long as Business Boy doesn’t protest (and maybe even if he does), I just might leave this baby up for all 10 weeks of GoT bliss!

Happy Thrones Day all!


Party at the Palace

After our epic birthday adventure at Paint Nite, us Supper Club gals knew that we had to pull out all the stops for Amelie’s birthday in March. While planning my birthday, she had enthusiastically suggested that we go roller skating, but no one else really seemed on board so the idea died. But since this was her big day, we resurrected it and planned a date at Scooter’s Roller Palace, plus a stop in my old hood for dinner at the Snug Harbour. But the best part was, we kept Amelie completely in the dark about plans–including some surprise guests. So, when our birthday date rolled around, we blindfolded her, loaded her into the car and headed East for her surprise party.

In what has now become my signature party trick, I printed some more photobooth props and colourful party hats (found here), picked up glow stick bracelets and fun knee-high socks (a must for any roller skating adventure), and once we were decked out in our party outfits, we hit the rink!

I don’t know about you, but I had zero experience with roller skating, as did everyone in our crowd–and it’s a lot harder than it looks! So, basically, we sucked! This wouldn’t have been so bad, fun even, if we hadn’t been surrounded by rollerskating regulars. I mean, seriously, it was as if we were the only newbs in a crowd of pros. People bobbed and weaved, grooved and two-stepped around us as we inched around the concrete rink. And then, when I finally felt like I was finding my footing and started zipping around at speeds that felt like high velocity, I smiled at a woman skating backwards and she returned my friendly greeting by telling me to move to the centre because I was skating too slowly. Ugh!

So, even though we paid to stay till 1, by 11 we were all sweaty and calf cramped and ready to call it quits. Much like Paint Nite, not sure this was an experience I would want to have again, but it was fun while it lasted!

Happy birthday Amelie!